First Congregational Church
United Church of Christ

Each committee develops, maintains and submits long-range plans annually to the Church Council for improving its particular mission of the Church. Each Committee presents to the Finance and Stewardship Committee an annual budget to carry out its responsibilities.


The Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works with the minister and is responsible for new member recruitment and assimilation into Church activities and fellowship. Their role is to encourage inactive member reaffirmation and involvement. This committee also maintains and annually evaluates the membership rolls and ensures that baptisms, marriages and deaths are recorded in the Church records. It is their responsibility to submit a membership activity and status report to the Church Council at the May Council meeting.

The Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is composed of three members: the past moderator, the present moderator and the present vice moderator. It develops, maintains and submits personnel policies to the Church Council for approval. They also develop and maintain staff performance appraisal procedures and complete an annual performance appraisal of the Minister and review the appraisals with the Minister and the Church Council in executive session. They also administer employee salaries and make salary and benefit recommendations to the Finance and Stewardship Committee. The committee also serves as counselor in sensitive employee situations.

The Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee identifies and recruits qualified members to serve within the Church.

The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee audits or causes to be audited the accounts of the Treasurer and Financial Secretary annually and reports the results of the committee’s audit to the congregation at the annual meeting. They are also responsible for providing interim audit reports to the Church Council and/or Finance and Stewardship Committee when requested.