First Congregational Church
United Church of Christ
Our Staff

Minister - Pastor Missy Miller

Pastor Missy has served as the Minister since January of 2017.  

Church Secretary – Sharon Heckendorf

Sharon has served as the church secretary at First Congregational Church UCC, since July of 2006. 

Youth Director - Sherry Glenzer-Meyer

Sherry has served as the Youth Director since February of 2020.  

Organists – Julanne Ranek-Stoltz and Cason Heckendorf

Julanne has served as the organist since November of 2013. 

Cason has served as the organist since November of 2013 

Choir Director – Josh Ulrich

Josh has served as the Sanctuary Choir Director since November of 2001. 

Handbell Director – Cason Heckendorf

 Cason has served as the Handbell Director since November of 2015

Treasurer – Jeffrey Heckendorf

Jeff began his term as Church Treasurer on Sept 1, 2005. 

Financial Secretary – Denise Jolly

Denise has served as Financial Secretary since July of 2014.