First Congregational Church
United Church of Christ
Church Council

The Church Council is the executive body that meets to hear board and committee reports and to coordinate church activities. It consists of the church officers and other church members as specified in the Bylaws. The moderator or vice-moderator presides, and all meetings shall be open to all church members. An annual meeting of the Church is held each year. At this meeting the minister(s), boards, committees and officers of the Church submit their reports in writing. Special church meetings may be called by the Church Council or by a petition to the Church Council signed by not less than thirty-five members of the Church. The Church Council will call such meetings within three weeks from receipt of the petition. Notice is sent to the membership at least one week before the meeting.

The Church Council has the power to establish and alter Resolutions from time to time. Such Resolutions will define the duties of Boards and Committees as provided by the Bylaws. A report respecting Resolutions made or altered by the Church Council is made to the congregation in the next newsletter. Resolutions made may be altered or repealed by the congregation at any time, but, if not altered or repealed, will remain in effect without ratification of the congregation. The Church Council does not have the power to alter or amend the Constitution or Bylaws of the congregation.

The Church Council nominates five members for the Nominating Committee to be elected at the annual meeting. The Church Council approves and recommends a budget to the congregation at the annual meeting. The proposed budget will be available to the congregation two weeks prior to the annual meeting.

The Church Council consists of:
All Church Officers
The chairperson of each Board