First Congregational Church
United Church of Christ
Our Officers

Officers are members of the church and elected at the annual meeting. Terms for all officers except the minister(s), are from the annual meeting at which they are elected until the following annual meeting.

Moderator – Candy Prahl Tell

The Moderator plans an expedient order of business for meetings without denying full expression to varying points of view and votes in case of a tie at any meeting of the Church Council or the Personnel Committee. The Moderator sees that proper notices are given of all Church and Church Council meetings in accordance with the bylaws.

Vice Moderator – Chris Duda

The Vice Moderator presides in the Moderator’s absence and is a member of the Church Council with voice and vote.

Treasurer – Jeffrey Heckendorf

The Treasurer has custody of all accounts and securities of the Church and dispenses funds as intended in the adopted budget. The Treasurer submits quarterly financial reports to the Church Council and an Annual Financial Report to the congregation at the Annual Meeting. The Treasurer is a member of the Church Council with voice and vote.

Financial Secretary – Denise Jolly

The Financial Secretary receives, tabulates, and deposits weekly and special collections. The Financial Secretary submits receipts to the treasurer for same and is a member of the Church Council with voice and vote.

Recording Secretary – Sue Pilger

The Recording Secretary records proceedings of the Church Council and the Annual Meeting of the Congregation, maintains a true and complete copy of the Church Constitution and Bylaws of the congregation and resolutions of the Church Council, and is a member of the Church Council with voice and vote.

Minister – Pastor Missy Miller

The Minister is an individual whose experience, talent and leadership qualify him/her to be the administrator of the church. S/he is a member of the Church Council with voice but not vote and directs, supervises and appraises the activities of all Church employees. The Minister is in charge of the spiritual welfare of the Church. To this end s/he shall preach the gospel, administer the sacraments, manage and direct all services of public worship, manage and direct all educational ministries of the church, and be active in pastoral service to the members. The minister works with the church officers, the Church Council and the various boards and committees of the Church. The minister is elected for an indefinite period.