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Some of the National Mission Trips that our church has participated in:

Back Bay Mission – Back Bay Mission, a community ministry of the United Church of Christ, serves the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the wider church community by faithful witness for social justice and compassionate service to the poor and marginalized. The church each year organizes a group of volunteers to go help the local community by helping them rebuild their community.

Pine Ridge, South Dakota - Inside the southwest corner of South Dakota near the Nebraska border, sits a beautiful stretch of rolling hills and endless skies known as the Pine Ridge Reservation. Pine Ridge is one of the largest reservations in the country, but it is also one of the poorest. The people of the Lakota Sioux tribe continue to struggle with issues such as extreme poverty, unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide. The living conditions are dismal, but there is great hope. While in South Dakota, you will be working to rebuild the Pine Ridge Reservation. Many of the work projects include new home builds and moderate to heavy repair projects such as flooring, siding and wheel chair ramps.