First Congregational Church
United Church of Christ
Online Giving
This is the link for church members to register to give to the church: 

It ties to your existing member record via their phone number. As you register with the phone number already in the system, it will verify your identity. E.g. if John Smith is in your database with the number 877-883-5625 and he signs up to give online with the phone number 877-883-5625, it will ask "Are you John Smith?" to which he will click yes so that anything he gives will automatically be attributed to his existing member record in your contributions records.

If your members want to log back in after creating an account, they can go to: 

This will allow editing payment info or change their giving.

Special Note: There is no password reset for a member account. We have chosen to not allow password reset due to security reasons. So, please make note of both your username and password. If a member loses access to their online giving account, they will need to create a new one. This is not a big deal; it may just be a little inconvenient.